We always believe in quality of work, service, education, curriculum, co-curriculum, system, vision and mission. Quality is a mindset, adjust anywhere. To achieve excellence in education an idea suggested by our school parents to implement the industrial Quality concept in the education.

With great inspiration of QCFI, Baroda chapter and his devotee team we organised an extension lecture for students, parents and teachers in 1996. Mrs. Sudha Majumdar and Mr. Y. M. Nanavaty have encouraged the students to start a Quality Circle in school to solve the problem of their area systematically.

Their pure hearted support resulted to establish the FIRST students Quality Circle of Gujarat came in existence by our school named SUBODH Quality Circle. The class 9th students worked on the topic "How to minimize the Lack of Unity among Boys and Girls of the same class ?" The support of our parents, teachers and QCFI Hon. members, the team has worked with great zeal and this circle won the DEMING AWARD OF EXCELLENCE at International Level in 1st International Convention on Students Quality Control Circles 1997 at Lucknow. It was the remarkable foot step in the history of school. This successive story created a healthy surrounding in most of the schools and they are motivated to start this movement in their schools.

We have developed 6 QC in our school. They are SUBODH, NIRMAAN, UDAAN, KAMIYAB, VISHWAS and AAROGYA. Students discuss their problem and solve it by special technique. The solved case studies are ::

(1) "Lack of Unity among Boys and Girls of the same class."
(2) "How to reduce the Load of Heavy School bags ?"
(3) "How to reduce Tension of Homework ?"
(4) "How to manage our routine schedule ?"
(5) "Lack of Self-discipline among ourselves."
(6) "Lack of consciousness about Nutritional Food values among ourselves."

Children of class IV to IX take active part in this activity. Recently AAROGYA QC and VISHWAS QC won Deming Award of Excellence and Juran Award of Excellence respectively at 6th International Convention on Students Quality Control Circles 2003 at Lucknow. The students of class IX (Gujarati medium) stood 2nd Runners up in Skit competition at same convention.

At present Government has started Quality Improvement programme for all schools whereas we try our best to co-operate in this movement positively.

We also organise TQM workshops and seminars for students and teachers oftenly. Inhouse programmes are arranged to enrich the Quality conept of everyone.